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Moving Into an Adult Foster Care Home Allows Wife to Go From Family Caregiver to Spouse Again

Mary’s husband John had early onset Alzheimer’s. Mary still worked full time so she hired caregivers to come a few hours each day to ensure he had meals and was safe while she was gone. When she got home from work she had to fix dinner, help him shower, clean the mess he made throughout the day, get his medications and meals ready for the next day, do laundry as he often had accidents. Mary heard him get up several times during the night which interrupted her sleep. Realistically she knew he was just going to get worse but she had hope that he would at least stabilize. He wasn’t improving, unfortunately he was definitely getting worse. Mary knew she couldn’t continue to work full time and worry all day about his safety. She couldn’t afford to pay for caregivers to be with him the whole time he was at work yet she couldn’t afford not to. Mary was exhausted emotionally and physically. She couldn’t do it anymore and turned to Right Fit Senior Living Solutions for help.

We met with both of them to determine their ideal situation. She wanted him to live in an adult foster care home in nearby Tualatin so she could visit him on her way home from work in Portland. She liked the idea of an adult foster care home as there would be four other seniors living with a private family who is very experienced with being caregivers and working with people with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. He would get a lot of personal attention in a quiet, calm and safe home. She liked that their food is all made from scratch and that they would manage his medications, do his laundry and help him shower.

We toured several adult foster care homes in Tigard, Portland and Tualatin until we found the right fit. renewalMary just knew it was right. We would like to say there’s something concrete to help determine the right place. Usually it is gut instinct. John moved in a few days later and Mary was able to sleep again. She didn’t have to worry about him while she was at work. She didn’t have to get home and do all the chores. After a few days she was a renewed woman. John actually did get a little better as she was a lot more relaxed with him and could enjoy being with him. Mary got to be his wife again, not his family caregiver.

Let us help you find the Right Fit and gain your life and relationships back.

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