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Adult Foster Care Homes That Allow Pets Keeping the Dog for Comfort

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Vivian was a 72 year old woman who had battled ovarian cancer for over eleven years. It finally got to the point where the treatment wouldn’t help anymore so she went on hospice. Vivian lived alone in an apartment in Tigard with her dog Murphy. She spent all day watching TV in a dark apartment. Her only visitors were the Meals on Wheels delivery volunteers and her hospice team. She was lonely and her hospice team worried about who was going to help her as her disease progressed.

The hospice called Right Fit Senior Living Solutions to help Vivian find a place to live. We met with Vivian (and Murphy) to get to know her and what she envisioned for her journey. Vivian wanted to keep Murphy with her as long as she could yet recognized he required a lot of care that she was finding more difficult to provide.

We scheduled tours of three adult foster care homes in Beaverton that allowed pets and would work well with the hospice team to ensure Vivian would be comfortable and well cared for. All three places welcomed Murphy and encouraged Vivian to care for him as long as she could as they recognized her need to be as independent as possible. They also assured her they would help her with him if she wasn’t feeling well.

After a second visit to one home, lunch with the provider and a chance for her to meet Murphy, Vivian decided to move in. Leaving her apartment and her independence was very hard but knowing she had somebody who would help her and that she would get to keep Murphy with her made it a little more bearable. Vivian’s doing well, Murphy’s enjoying having a yard to run in after living in an apartment his whole life and the proprietor of the adult foster care home is there to help Vivian when needed.

Call Right Fit Senior Living Solutions, we’ll listen to what’s important to you.

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