Frequently Ask Questions

When a family is thinking of moving a loved one to a senior community, it can be overwhelming when they realize how many options there are. A local referral specialist will be alert for issues that might not have crossed your mind. The referral specialist will research your options, know the reputable communities and adult care homes, and other essential factors that are important to you. The referral specialist’s experience and knowledge can save you from choosing a community or care home that would not be a good fit for your loved one.

At Right Fit Senior Living Solutions, we have over 18 years of experience working with families. We continue to stay up to date with the senior industry by taking educational courses and creating and maintaining relationships with resources that families may need.  

We also belong to the Oregon Senior Referral Agency Association. OSRAA members are held to a high ethical standard and must take continuing education courses. Sarah Harwood is the Vice-President of OSRAA.

As a trusted and well-known senior placement agency, our knowledge of the communities and adult care homes allows us to find the very best home for a family’s loved one.

A local Senior Referral Specialist can save a family so much time, energy, and stress. We have researched the communities, know their reputations, and stay up to date on the state surveys. We then will schedule tours with three different senior living options. And, I believe the most important aspect is that we tour with our families.

  1. Typically, a family will call us for help. During this phone call, we will gather information such as care needs, geographical location, social needs, and their target budget. 
  2. We schedule an in-person meeting. Visiting with families allows us to get a sense of who the person is and talk more in-depth about what they would like in a care setting.
  3. We then customize the senior living options for the family and schedule the tours.
  4. We prefer to tour with families as we can ask questions they may not think to ask. But of course, if a family wants to tour on their own, that is fine too. Each family is unique, and we will accommodate them.
  1. We start with touring three communities. For each community, the tour is about an hour long. A lot of information is given during the tours, which can be overwhelming for families. Additional tours are scheduled for a different day.
  1. We check state surveys before we tour. That may mean we are checking several times a month/year. 
  2. Because we are in the communities on a regular basis, we know what is happening in them.

Yes, we tour these communities with families if they are the right fit. We are our family’s advocates and want the right fit for their new home.

Each family’s situation is so unique. They may be coming out of the hospital, and we are working quickly to find their new home. In another scenario, they may not be planning to move for five years. We are with our families for as long as they need us.

  1. Our families are referred to us by the families we have helped in the past. Almost everyone knows someone who is about to go through or is going through what they have just gone through. There is no better advertisement than a family telling someone in need that we at Right Fit Senior Solutions can help them.
  2. And, we do do a bit of advertising with local companies. As with many senior placement agencies, we have a variety of client referrals. Past clients, word of mouth, hospitals, rehabs, case managers, physician's offices, senior and community centers, and local business professionals all refer us.