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Way More Than Your Grandmother’s Nursing Home

zeth@greatnessdigital.com March 16, 2016

more than just a homeRecently I’ve read several articles about senior living and the author talks about the Nursing Home. There’s no mention of independent and assisted living communities or other options such as memory care or adult care homes. These authors are doing a huge disservice to seniors who need to make a transition but are not familiar with their options and have preconceived ideas of senior living based on very old information. Senior living communities are amazing –seniors and their families need to know their options are far better than nursing homes of yesteryear.

  • Senior living communities are vibrant
  • They’re more than Bingo, naps and puzzles
  • They’re adjusting to Boomer’s interests
  • They’re four star restaurants
  • They’re Ted Talks, interesting educational presentations, music and Cultural Events
  • They’re cruise ships on land
  • They’re companionship, safety, comfort
  • They’re an easier life
  • They’re what a resident makes them

Independent Living Communities are for seniors who don’t want the responsibility of home/yard maintenance; don’t want to shop for food, cook and clean after meals; don’t want to clean their house and change their bed. They’re tired of being alone and want people nearby who are the same age to talk to. They may not drive anymore, they don’t have major health concerns and are still fairly mobile and they may want scheduled activities throughout the day.

  • May be stand-alone independent living communities or may be attached/affiliated to/with assisted living and memory care
  • Apartments range from studios to two bedrooms/two baths and condo-like cottages with garages
  • Some communities offer different meal plans to help keep costs down
  • Apartment rates generally include housekeeping, changing beds and washing linens, cable TV, activities, transportation, outings
  • Most have restaurant style meals with multiple choices including the special(s) of the day or standby options like hamburgers, grilled cheese sandwiches, turkey sandwiches. Soup and salad is always available.

Assisted Living Communities

In addition to benefits of independent living communities assisted living communities have a nurse on site who is available by pager 24×7; they also have caregivers and Med Aides available 24×7. Assisted living caregivers can help with medications and personal care. A major distinction of an assisted living over independent living is that if a resident falls the staff can help assess for injuries, help the resident up and make sure he or she is okay.

Assisted living communities:

  • May be together with independent living communities
    o Easier to move when needed as it’s same building, same staff, same friends, same activities
  • May have memory care on site
    o Good for couples where one needs memory care and other doesn’t
  • Apartments range from studios to two bedroom/two bathrooms
  • Three meals a day plus snacks are include in rates
  • Rates quoted are base rates for apartments and amenities.
    o Personal care costs are extra and are based on resident’s individual needs.

When considering a move to a senior living community we strongly recommend working with a local professional. We can help determine options, tour with you, ask questions you may not think to ask, point out things of interest and/or importance and gently guide you along the way. We know the options in the community and can match them to your needs. We look at county records to see if there are substantiated complaints and know in general the strengths and weaknesses of a community. You don’t need to do this alone, let us help you see how retirement living is so much better than your Grandmother’s nursing home.

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