87 Year-Old Female Downsizing to Independent Living

Mrs. F was an 87 year-old woman who recently lost her husband. They lived in a large condominium in Portland. Mrs. F realized that the condo was too large for her by herself, and she did not want to continue living there alone. She didn’t want to deal with the maintenance, nor have to cook all her meals and clean her apartment. She wanted the social activities, meals, and housekeeping that come with an independent living community

Mrs. F was referred to us by a mortgage broker who had worked with her several years previously, and they had remained good friends. We met with Mrs. F to determine what she was looking for in her new home. She had already made a list of exactly what she wanted: a studio or 1 bedroom apartment, ability to make her own breakfast, a Catholic church nearby, assisted living nearby or on the same campus, and a smaller community. She had a preference in mind of where in the Portland area she wanted to live, and she was working with a fairly tight budget.

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