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Reducing Caregiver Burnout

zeth@greatnessdigital.com October 22, 2015

caregiving burn outPauline and Bert have been married for 65 years. They live in a small house in Beaverton where they raised their children and know all the neighbors. About 5 years ago Pauline started developing memory problems that were gradually getting worse and worse. Bert has been her caregiver and assuming more of the daily tasks around the house and helping her with her personal care needs. Bert is exhausted and his health is starting to deteriorate. He recently spent a few days in the hospital due to the stress of being her caregiver. That’s common for family caregivers, they’re so busy taking care of their loved ones that their own health declines faster than those they’re caring for. Bert’s family recognized his stress and exhaustion so called me to help find a place for Pauline to live.

In the past Pauline has walked out the front door looking for Bert and wandered down the street. As such she’s considered an elopement risk in assisted living so we looked for a secure memory care building for her. Bert wanted to be able to visit her daily so the memory care had to be near their house. They have long term care insurance so we had to find a place that is accredited and works with long term care insurance companies.

husband againWe found a place for her in a lovely memory care community. She has caregivers doing the tasks that were exhausting to Bert and Bert has the peace of mind that she is being well cared for and is not going to get lost if she tries to find him. Bert’s health is improving now that he has some time for himself. He visits every day and enjoys time with her being her husband again, not her caregiver.

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