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From Assisted Living to Adult Foster Care

zeth@greatnessdigital.com October 29, 2014

Sometimes Assisted Living is not the right fit.

Sometimes an adult foster care home is a better option. Mr. T is an 85 year-old blind man who was living in an assisted living community. Because of his vision issues, his dementia, and his being confined to a wheelchair, it seemed assisted living just wasn’t the right environment for him. He was not participating in activities with the other residents, he stayed in his apartment most of the time, and he simply required too much care compared to the other residents in the community.

What are my options?

His daughter contacted us to see what other options were available for her dad. She loves her dad and wanted him to be happy and feel safe and secure in his living space. What seemed to be a lovely assisted living community when she moved him in, turned out to be the wrong environment for her father. So we started looking at much smaller senior living communities: adult foster care homesAFH

Mr. T needed a care home that could provide night care, as he was prone to waking at night and calling out for assistance. His inability to move himself from bed to wheelchair, or into his electric lift chair, meant he needed someone nearby to assist him. He also requires several medications and eyedrops throughout the day. Mr. T is also incontinent. In short, he has very high care needs that are best addressed by adequate staff and a smaller home.


We found Mr. T a wonderful care home staffed in such a way that they were able to meet his needs and provide him a more appropriate living environment. He has his own room with a half-bathroom attached. It’s near the dining area and where staff can keep a close eye on him. If he needs anything, he can pull a cord to alert the staff that he needs assistance. Mr. T settled in nicely, after a few days of transition time, and his daughter remains absolutely thrilled at the home she chose.

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