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Even Professionals Need Assistance

zeth@greatnessdigital.com September 24, 2016

helpIt was 8:30pm and I got the call. The call I always dread. Mom’s going to the hospital. I rushed over to the hospital, actually beating the ambulance there and waited for her to arrive. My brain was racing with all the possibilities of what was going on. After lots of tests and attention by the doctors and staff it was determined she was low on blood and needed a blood transfusion and more tests. Several days later the discharge planner advised our family that my mom needed a higher level of care and couldn’t return home.

A higher level of care, can’t return home. That’s all that I could think. My mind went blank. I know what higher level of care is, I know places she could go, I know what to do. It’s my business after all but it was for my mom and my mind stopped working. I had tunnel vision and couldn’t think of what to do. My emotions got the best of me and I was paralyzed.

Fortunately, I have two fantastic people who work with me so I called one of them and I asked for help. Asking for help is really hard, especially since I am a professional who regularly works with clients in hospitals who are told they can’t return home. I should know what to do. Logically I did, emotionally I didn’t. My associate was able to call around to find assisted living communities that would be the right fit for her. She met us there for the tour and asked the questions I usually ask. It was nice to be the client and to have the faith that somebody was there by our side helping us through the process.

The whole experience was enlightening as I learned firsthand what it’s like to be told Mom needs a higher level of care. I better understand the paralysis when there’s a crisis and appreciated that somebody could help me find the best place for her to live. I appreciated her expertise and reassurance that we would find something for my Mom. Having a local person who is knowledgeable about all of the area’s options means a lot. Even professionals need assistance and it’s nice to have help in times of crisis.

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