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Couple Sell Condo, Move to Independent Living

Mr. and Mrs. R are a lovely couple with a close-knit family. The entire family was involved in the process of helping them decide to move from their 3-story condo to an independent living community.

Mr. and Mrs. R loved their home, but Mr. R couldn’t navigate the stairs very well due to his progressing Parkinson’s Disease. Mrs. R had a recent TIA (“mini-stroke”) and was concerned that she might need assistance as well. The family had a meeting and decided to call Right Fit for some guidance.

I met with the family and gathered information on the couple’s needs and wants, the family’s needs and wants, and their budget. They are an active, social couple, and wanted a community that fit them well and felt like “home.” They had a condo to sell, and wondered whether they should try and find a buyer first, and then find a community – or the other way around. We decided to start looking at communities to get a feel for what was out there, and in case they would need to go on a waiting list. They chose to wait until we found the right independent living community, to put their house up for sale.

We toured slowly, just one community per week, for a few weeks. The whole family toured with me, and it was great to see the positive interaction and love the family had for one another. They went back on their own once or twice to their favorites, to have a meal and to take a second look.

Because they knew that Mr. R’s Parkinson’s would worsen over the years, they chose a community that also had assisted living on the same campus. They moved into a 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment in a wonderful senior living community that was recently remodeled. The apartment was large enough fit their furnishings nicely, and the activities offered appealed to both of them. After they moved in, they put their condo up for sale and thanks to the great housing market in the Portland area, the condo sold quickly.

We are so pleased to have helped serve this wonderful family!

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