Essential Advice for Healthy Aging in Oregon

As we gracefully transition into the golden phase of our lives, prioritizing a healthy and fulfilling existence becomes paramount. For seniors in Oregon, a state renowned for its natural beauty and vibrant communities, adopting a lifestyle that nurtures physical, mental, and emotional well-being is essential. This blog goes into tailored advice for seniors in Oregon, … Read more December 27, 2023

Affordable Housing Challenges for Seniors in Oregon

As the population of seniors continues to grow in Oregon, a pressing concern has emerged regarding affordable housing for this demographic. The issue is particularly prominent in the city of Portland, Oregon where rising housing costs pose significant challenges for seniors on fixed incomes. This article explores the difficulties seniors face in finding affordable housing … Read more December 11, 2023

A Complete List of Assisted Living Communities in Beaverton, Oregon

Assisted Living Communities in Beaverton, Oregon Below is an online directory of the assisted living communities you’ll find in Beaverton, Oregon. Our Right Fit team has personally visited each of these senior living facilities in order to help guide you towards making the most informed decision possible. Searching for an assisted living and navigating the complex … Read more October 26, 2023