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Adult Foster Care Home is New Home

An adult foster care home can be an ideal solution for an elderly family member. Mrs. R is a 93-year old woman who has lived in Beaverton, OR with her 70-year old son for several years. Her son “E” loves his mother and was a good caregiver for her, but at the same time he wanted to retire and be a snowbird part of the year. He was conflicted about what to do about his mother. She is a lovely woman who needs assistance showering and help in and out of a back brace in the morning and evening. She is also legally blind and needs help with medication administration. Her son felt uncomfortable helping his mother with her shower, so would ask his sister to come over and assist.

“E” contacted us and asked what would be good senior living options for his mother. We talked about assisted living and adult foster care. Mrs. R has a pleasant personality but is not very social around a lot of people, and since she can’t see well she does not participate in card games, board games, and the like. She feels more comfortable in a small setting. For this reason, we ruled out assisted living and decided to concentrate on adult foster care homes in the Beaverton area.

We toured three adult care homes and gathered information on each one. Each home would have been quite suitable for Mrs. R. But “E” wasn’t ready to make a decision without consulting his siblings. One of his siblings was out of town for an extended period of time. When he came back to town a couple months later, the three siblings sat down and talked amongst themselves and with their mother, and asked us to revisit one of the homes. We were in luck that the home had a vacancy at that time. Mrs. R moved into the home and now more than a year later continues to enjoy living there. She has become good friends with another resident at her new adult foster home, is getting the care she needs, and her family is able to travel and do the things they enjoy doing while knowing their mother is in good hands.

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